Appcademy 2013 Summer Batch

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We interviewed Melvin Musehani the Founder of Appchemy about his recent experience at AppCademy in Finland.

So Melvin how did you get involved with AppCampus?

“We  heard  of  AppCampus  from  the  mLab Southern Africa  competition  that  had  to  do  with  the   Urban  App  challenge.  Basically,  teams  had  to  come  up  with  an  idea  that’ll  be   useful  to  travellers  who  come  visit  your  city.  Our  idea  made  it  and  we  got  invited   to  AppCampus  to  make  our  idea  come  alive.”

Tell us more about the AppCademy

“On  our  first  day  we  got  an  introduction  of  what  to  expect  from  Appcampus  and   what  they  expect  from  us,  shortly  after  the  intros  we  started  with  the  pitching   sessions.  After  that  we  met  Timo  from  Nokia  who  presented  every  team   with  a  red  Lumia  920  :)  which  was  a  great surprise.”

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What did you learn at AppCademy?

“During the 4 weeks we had been bombarded with a lot of useful information
with regards to promoting our application. Topics ranged from:
• Positioning and Pitching
• Design Excellence
• User Design Experience
• Technical Training (Technology we can use from Nokia and Microsoft for
our apps)
• Networking
• PR and Communication”

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What other support did you get?

“Nokia provided us with Technical assistance with regards to using their
technology. They gave us ‘Nokia Developer Program for Lumia’ memberships,
which is a list of goodies for Nokia developers worth $1,500.

Microsoft also provided us with technical assistance with their Windows Azure
server and also tips into making our application hero apps so they can be
promoted on the Windows Market.”

It sounds like a lot of hard work. Did you get to do some fun stuff as well?

“Besides all the hard work and tech info we were treated at the Nokia Training
center in Batvik to a smoke Sauna and good food. Smoke saunas are one of
Finland’s cultural past times.

So whats next?

“Through everything I’ve learned at the camp our app has changed from what it
was when we went there to some 100% better. We plan to release the
application by September, we are looking for beta testers at the moment.”

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Learn more about how to apply for the new round of AppCampus awards and the program  here.

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  1. Simon Botes June 27, 2013 at 10:46 pm #

    AppCRAFT was the first South African team to pass through AppCampus and have our app live in WP and Nokia store. (Awareness was one of the first 16 apps to pass AppCampus and go live in store


    S40 webapp
    S40 Java:
    S60 5th and Symbian^3:

    We never went to Finland due to financing issues with AppCampus, we never got the Lumia 925 welcome gift and it seems as if we are not yet getting the same publicity through AppCampus partners :(

    Anyway congrats to Melvin Musehani, glad to see another South African team took part.
    Can’t wait to see your app live in store.

    Question if your app is not live in store then that means you never got your final funding payment? If you need help with beta testing / development, feel free to drop me a line.

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