mLab Southern Africa

mLab SA

mLab Southern Africa (SA) is a mobile solutions laboratory and startup accelerator that provides entrepreneurs and mobile developers withthe support they need to develop innovative mobile applications and services.

Our goal is to help build sustainable technology businesses by helping their founders mobilize their services and products to take advantage of the rapid growing base of mobile consumers in Africa and around the world.

We support the development of mobile solutions in the consumer, design, enterprise, public and gaming sectors.

mLab SA is based at The Innovation Hub in Tshwane, South Africa, with virtual programs through out southern Africa and plans to expand our labs to most major hubs in the region.

What is an mLab?

An mLab is a shared space where technology entrepreneurs can interact, work, gain access to tools and expertise, deploy their solutions, and start and grow their businesses. Run and managed by experts together with local developers, an mLab provides the infrastructure necessary for the deployment and scaling of mobile applications. To access an mLab, local programmers, designers or mobile application developers can register as members.

An mLab is also a role-player in the mobile ecosystem, offering support to virtual members not supported within the physical labs. Each mLab provides an environment conducive to the development of solutions that have the potential to scale commercially, by providing state-of-the-art equipment to develop, test and scale software, and technical training and workshops. Further, the mLabs will act as gateways to local, regional and international markets and will assist in connecting entrepreneurs with seed, venture and angel investors.